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It’s always interesting to see the development of project over time, especially when it’s as mind-blowing as this one; PPL collaborator Jason Anastasoff performed the first Obscure Directions piece back when Bushwick had that decaying soy sauce smell of summer, and then in December the work premiered as a whole as part of the Mapping Music and Sound PERFORMANCY FORUM.

The first score/map Jason made (summer, 2010)

This past weekend, Jason and his argonauts performed during the Super Coda Festival, where Brian took this video. Please enjoy, and make sure to see/hear it when you have the opportunity!

Writes Jason: Obscure Directions is a series of map-based works with a set language of graphic scoring, written notation and spoken word to be interpreted by the performers. No piece will be played the same way twice, but it is hoped that the general theme and over-arching form of each will be defined and clear. Text is derived from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, John Kennedy Toole and excerpts of e-mails from two private individuals.

Jason Anastasoff is the composer and plays bass. Joining him are Sean Ali (Drillbaby, Dumptruck) on bass, Brad Henkel (Buckminster, Drillbaby, Dumptruck, Swirm) on trumpet, Nathaniel Morgan (Buckminster Trio, Smotherbox) on alto sax, and Owen Stewart-Robertson (even though you’re only nine, Jason Ajemian’s Highlife, Make a Circus, Smotherbox, Teenage Burnout, This Sporting Life) on guitar.

Click HERE to also see Jason performing with Paul Pinto and Brian McCorkle