Embarrassed of the Whole Phase II

Phase II of Embarrassed of the Whole (an opera of operations) was a month of operations performed across and throughout February, 2017. Each operation was generated by/with/for a “User” who engaged via an online survey.

A selection of images from some of the operations are below, most are screenshots taken from video documentation by Karl Cooney. Find more on: http://pplindex.tumblr.com/

tinyfruit7lolotrashbo11gantttt4abandonedtires11_eotw2sad4dismrktfrshspnch3_eotwilzost7dahvv1valeriekuehneimageobjectsierraelena4eotw_IVgeneralbenjaminlts6adriftdismantled7adriftdismantled6jamieburkart4elainethap5Valara9Jessica10Valara8Jessica1Zhen1ZhenEotW_documentationbyKarlCooneyeptw_johannagilje2lovelovelove3Tsedaye2geraldo_pplcamchristen_fromabovesamuel9crossoffice3eotw_daverhuckjackhexjar13huckjackhexjar12aliftig10sumo6diane9eotwelizabethalamb9christen_estherninaisabelle_photobyAmeliaIaia copylolotrashbo_ceilinglolotrashbo_basementgantttt14_eotwadriftdismantled1jamieburkart2violistakarenbenjaminlts4Valara1Zhen0IV8ilzost1


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