Upcoming PPL Performances: July-August 2015

Saturday, July 25
7:30pm-11pm Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle at Gowanus Ballroom during the opening for Borrowed Paths, Broken Rules.

Tuesday, August 18
7:30-8:30 at Dixon Place
1.) fill out the survey: http://panoplylab.org/presentyourself/
2.) experience presentation of you, performed by PPL ensemble Ellen O’Meara, Valerie Kuehne, Matthew Gantt, AnaÏs Maviel, Cory Bracken, Brian McCorkle, and Esther Neff at Dixon Place: http://dixonplace.org/performances/embarrassed-of-the-whole-ppl-present-you/

Saturday, August 22
all day! Visit here for details: http://timebodyspaceobjects4.tumblr.com
TIME BODY SPACE OBJECTS, SPECTACLE ISLAND, MA – Part 4, as part of the Isles Art Initiative 2015 curated by Alice Vogler and Vela Phelan.

Time to have some serious discussion about what and how to do…

(photo by Paul Waters North)


In other news…
Esther’s initiation essay for Embarrassed of the Whole was just published on The Experimental Music Yearbook. It is here: http://experimentalmusicyearbook.com/OPERA-AS-OPERATIONS
PPL the space will be closed in August with the exception of Valerie Kuehne’s Trauma Salon on August 27.

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