Official Initiation of a new project: Embarrassed of the Whole, an opera of operations

“Embarrassed of the Whole (EotW)” is an opera of operations.


(above: project overview diagram)

Each process has its own context-specific form, researching, generating, and designing forms of social engineering and social construction via methodological practicing. Throughout “Embarrassed of the Whole,” PPL are researching and practicing HOW “social constructions” are consciously and intentionally engineered through interfacings, communications, and embodied relationships. We are interested in conflicts between the online and the in-person, the ontological and the epistemic, the physicalist and the affective. Tentatively, we posit embarrassment as the only sure symptom of a moment of social agency (if not “free action”), of being somehow “outside the whole.”

EotW is a hole, a cut, or sort of tunnel burrowing across three categories:  ONE:  PPL publically gather groups of individuals to collectively philosophize and research “social engineering and social construction” in workshops and focus groups. TWO: PPL gather, chart and index input online through a website of surveys and quizzes, and THREE: PPL form interpretation-schemas to turn “data” from both the publically-gathered groups and the online interfaces into scores, using these scores to engineer live, public, performances.


Coming up:

#9 Workshop 2: Methodologies between the OntoEpic @ PPL space, 04/19/2015. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, RSVP to

#10: Theories of the Anti-Sight, during PPL-organized exhibition “sounding the alarm: theories of the anti-sight” @ Liebig12 and Meinblau e.V. during Month of Performance Art Berlin (MPA-B), Berlin, DE. 05/03/2015 and 05/05/2015

#11: Curating as Performance Conference presentation, during Month of Performance Art Berlin (MPA-B), Berlin, DE, 05/24-26/2015

#12: Workshop 3/Performance/MART, Dublin, UK 05/30/2015

Also (un-numbered): Resistance & Resilience: Do I Do? Collaboration as performance through a series of durational acts, initiated by Grüntaler9 & Panoply Performance Laboratory @ Grüntaler9, Month of Performance Art Berlin (MPA-B), Berlin, DE, 05/07-11/2015

265546255-eotw_boston(above: #2)


#1 Embarazo of/with ya @ PPL and participants in person and online during Bushwick Open Studios (June 2014)

#2 Assess your Performance Art Practice FREE Online Generator during Petrichor Exchange, online and @ School of the Museum of Fine Arts (November 2014)

#3 Workshop: The Anti-Sight @ Massachusetts College of Art and Design (December 2014)

#4 Critical Eye Contact @ New Museum in response to Anya Liftig’s A Very Something or Other during the AUNTS for Camera exhibition (January 2015)

#5 The Violence of 5: 1-10, sequence of performances @ Brooklyn Fireproof during Quid Pro Quo @ Eden’s Expressway, and @ Tandem Bar (January 2015)

#6 EotW: Alternatives to Now @ [performance s p a c e], London, UK (February 2015)

#7 EotW: Preferences, during MAD Theory 2, online streaming during Performance Philosophy symposium in Madison, WI (March 2015)

#8 Workshop: Sphere of Definable Conditions, Consequences, and Contexts @ PPL space (March 2015)


(above top: workshop, #8. below: Kaia Gilje performing #6, photo by Daniella Vg)


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