Week 6: AGENCY

Finally, Any Size Mirror is a Dictator, has completed processes and performances at Momenta Art. Thank you and goodnight from Jessica Bathurst, Lorene Bouboushian, Lindsey Drury, Paige Fredlund, Matthew Gantt, Kaia Gilje, Rene Kladzyk, Thea Little, Brian McCorkle, Sarah McSherry, Butch Merigoni, Esther Neff, Ellen O’Meara, and Matthew Stephen Smith!

THANK YOU to Kikuko Tanaka and Eric Heist at Momenta for providing us a home for a seven-week exhibition!

THANK YOU to Robert Zott and David Ian Griess, who documented the work so thoroughly in still images and video, and to Hrag Vartanian for live-tweeting, and everyone else who “crowd-documented” the sprawling work. See posts with images below and on Robert Zott’s Facebook, and find Griess’ videos HERE.

THANK YOU to the guest artists: David Grollman, Flyn van Hemmen, Cory Bracken, Brian Questa, Jason Anastasoff, Sean Ali, Valerie Kuehne, David Ian Griess, Ryan Krause, Colin Self, Jen Baker, Dave Ruder, Erin Rogers, and the many others who threw themselves into the fray.

THANK YOU to those who wrote responses and conducted interviews:
HERE is an article on Hyperallergic by Jay Barnacle
HERE is an essay on Lepidopterism by Baxton Alexander
HERE are thoughts by Dave Ruder on you coo coo you coo coo too
HERE is an interview with choreographer Lindsey Drury in the Huffington Post
HERE is a review in Posture by Li Cata

And, of course, thank you again to those who donated to the Hatchfund campaign to make this project possible. If you are still waiting for your book, it should be in the mail!



Photos below by Esther Neff


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