PPL’s Relational March

PPL poster


PPL are on tour with Future Death Toll (Edward Sharp and David Griess). Throughout the month, Esther will be diary-blogging the tour on Culturebot (HERE)

Check out our tour blog for more media and all the dates HERE


Feb 28: Climbing Through The Hole in the Sky, with Rachel Hrbek, Natalia Panfile, and Renée Regan, curated by Eames Armstrong, Hole in the Sky, Washington, DC

March 1: The Fold, Rockville, MD (https://www.facebook.com/fold110)

March 3: Skylab in Columbus, OH

March 5-7: Lexington, KY (University of Kentucky)

March 6: I.D.E.A.S. 40203 Contemporary Art Chamber of Commerce, Louisville, KY

March 8: The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, St. Louis, MO (http://www.lemp-arts.org/)

March 9: Charlotte Street Settlement, “Let’s Make a Mess” with Drew Roth, curated by Danny Orendorff as part of his “Tyranny of Good Taste” exhibition, Kansas City, MO

March 10: Kent Bellows Studio, Omaha, NE 7pm w/Neil Griess

March 11: SPATIVM, Lincoln, NE w/Woven Symbol

March 12: PUBLIC SPACE ONE, Iowa City, IA w/ Curt Oren

March 13: Counterpath, Denver, CO
(http://counterpathpress.org/esther-neff-march-13-2014-at-700-pm). Play-lecture by Esther Neff, performed by Ye Taik and Black Sheep Organization

March 15: Evolution Collective, Madison, WI

March 16: Bring in the Indigo: Performance from NY & MPLS curated by Fire Drill. Emily Gastineau and Billy Mullaney + Samantha Johns + Hiponymous, The White Page, Minneapolis, MN (https://www.facebook.com/events/730366600336298/)

March 17: Center Street Free Space, Milwaukee, WI

March 18: MANA/High Concept Labs, Chicago, IL w/ Adam Rose and Alejandro Acierto

March 19: Three Rivers Public Library, Three Rivers, MI

March 20: Detroit Contemporary/C.A.I.D, curated by Spread Art, Detroit, MI (https://www.facebook.com/detroitcontemporary)

March 21: Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 11:30am-5pm curated by Robert Derr

March 22: RCN Cave, Akron, OH

March 24: Experimental Music at the Library, curated by Steve Kemple, Cincinnati Public Library, Cincinnati, OH (http://www.cincinnatilibrary.org/)
The Comet, Cincinnati, OH

March 26: Firehazard Studios w/ Submisstress, Dream Weapon, Daniel McCloskey and others, Pittsburgh, PA

March 30: Machines With Magnets, RI w/ ISLANDS + Ian Deleón and Anabel Vázquez (https://www.facebook.com/events/1452710518280193/)

March 31: 119 Gallery, Lowell, MA


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