Gratitude: the antidote to despair

DEAR COMMUNITY: we are most grateful to even be able to begin a note like this, addressing a body of individuals whose work and ideas are our daily bread.

THANK YOU to our collaborators and colleagues for having conversations with us, hosting us in your studios, spaces, and galleries, for planning and scheming with us,  for driving, for bringing coffee, for always sharing the beer, for helping haul things, for breaking various walls (literally and figuratively), for organizing talks, for attending our shows. THANK YOU for making your work, it’s impossible to quantify the influence and encouragement your practices engender THANK YOU for pursuing your obsessions to the point of madness, for working long hours, for keeping on keeping on, for spending your own money on equipment, props, travel, etc, for re-arranging your schedule, for sharing your skills and resources, for working that awful day job so you can write/compose/paint/build/practice/plan at night, for following through on your ideas, for writing down what you think, for sharing what you feel, thank you for performing even when you’re sick or exhausted or when there are only a few people in attendance, thank you for the long long long long rehearsals and dedication to your craft, thank you for not becoming a banker, a car wash attendant, a graphic designer, or a software developer. THANK YOU for for listening/watching/participating, and for giving us an opportunity to do the same: we are your rapt audience. THANK YOU. Thank You.

Finally, after that little bit of sentiment on a plate, fresh as shit out of the oven as if we are contestants on top chef canada, we will now update the pudding out of you:

PPL is an umbrella for when the snow turns to sleet. As such, Valerie Kuehne, Esther Neff, and Brian McCorkle have been performing together across the midwest, enjoying the improvisational frameworks provided by situations at a public library, warehouse, bar, house, gallery, bowling alley, etc. Thanks to Anya Liftig and Ivy Castellanos for joining us in Chicago for MDW and at the glorious Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery. Now we’re back in Brooklyn at PPL on Meserole Street. Valerie’s about to release a new album and hit the road with Joey Molinaro (stay tuned) while Brian and Esther prepare for various upcoming NYC performances.

This Sunday, November 25, join us at Muchmore’s for Performance Heart, curated by Matthew Silver: an eclectic line-up of “handbags” including Mr. Silver, Sylva Dean and Me, Lorene Bouboushian, Geraldo Mercado, Elinor Thompson, Katie Donut and Jacquelyn Gallo.

In December Brian and Esther join forces again with Valerie Kuehne to perform at the brand-new Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics as part of their “marathon performances” series. The list of dates and artists comprising this series at Fitness is:

Dec. 10th – Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL)
Dec. 11th – BabySkinGlove
Dec. 12th – Elinor Thompson
Dec. 13th – Ivy Castellanos
Dec. 14th – Reece Cox
Dec. 15th – Hilary Sand
Dec. 16th – Sindy Butz
Dec. 17th – Whitney Hunter
Dec. 18th – Alaina Stamatis
Dec. 19th – Adjua Greaves
Dec. 20th – Matthew Silver
Dec. 21st – Amber Lee
Dec. 22nd – Sasha Desree
Dec. 23rd – Frank Ludovico

Now that’s curation. Best bet for more information about these artists and projects is to google them or find them on some social network, or just show up sometime between 1pm and 1am on any of these days to see what’s going on, just so you have something to tell your grandkids about. As you can see above, we perform Monday the 10th. We will be doing a 12 hour aleatoric opera called You’re a Big Boy Now or Rauschenberg is Tödlich. Open to the public from 1pm-1am. Click here to visit the Facebook event and see the menu, click on the title above to read more about the project.

Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics is at 1196 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11221, right across from Little Skips and Microscope Gallery.


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