NATURE FETISH, a Public Opera and Performance Exhibition

Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL) and Grace Exhibition Space Present:


A Public Opera and Performance Exhibition

Thursday July 12, Friday July 13, Thursday July 19, and Friday July 20

8pm: NATURE FETISH: A Public Opera
9:30-11pm: NATURE FETISH Exhibition performances

Saturday July 14 and Saturday, July 21
4pm and 8pm:
 NATURE FETISH: A Public Opera
9:30-11pm: NATURE FETISH Exhibition performances

Grace Exhibition Space
840 Broadway, Floor 2
Brooklyn, NY, 11206
J/M/Z to Flushing Avenue
Tickets for the July shows including the performances as part of the exhibition after the opera are a suggested donation of $10-$20 at the door only.

Press Photos, Trailers: and

NATURE FETISH is a project conceived across social and disciplinary spheres. In its final state, it is a Public Opera, a hybrid, documentary, participatory, musical, situational performance of approximately 70 minutes.
The opera will be presented by New York City’s first and only dedicated site for conceptual, body-based and fluxist performance art, Grace Exhibition Space. As part of each performance, PPL-curated artists working in time-based performance across disciplines will deal directly with the “nature” of performance, operation of “nature” in performance, and conceptions of “nature” as such.

Thursday July 12:
The Call of Nature: bodily functions and fluids, embodiment, waste, want, meat, and human impact on natural environments. FEATURING: Elinor Thompson, Miles PflanzDave RuderMatthew Silver, and Lorene Bouboushian.

Friday July 13:
NATURE FETISH opera project collaborating artists, poets, composers, and performers show solo works dealing with their own projections of “the nature of nature.” FEATURING: Jessica BathurstCory BrackenBrian McCorkleEllen O’MearaEsther NeffMichael NewtonNatasha MissickKatie JohnstonArla BermanMatthew Gantt and others

Saturday July 14:

SIMULTANEOUS: Nature Fetish Edition: Ivy Castellanos of IV Soldiers Galleryworks with 4 performance artists simultaneously as an ecosystem or food chain or other emergent system. FEATURING: Felix Morelo, Ryan Hawk, Matthew Silver, and Miles Pflanz.

Thursday July 19:
The Natural Spirit: field recordings, indeterminacy, fluxus, improvisation and the influence of performance art’s “nature” on music and dance. FEATURING:Jason AnastasoffLindsey Drury, and Kyli Klevan.

Friday July 20:
Rituals and Totems: cultural semiology, feminism, naturalism, post-humanism, and the problematics of performance and anthropology. FEATURING: Lillie D’ArmonAnya Liftig, Kikuko Tanaka, and Quinn Dukes.

Saturday, July 21:
Video, Voice and the Nature of the Self: FEATURING: Alessandra Eramo (w/ David Grollman), Heather Warren Crow, Valerie Kuehne/Tuba?No Tuba and Joseph Keckler.


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