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Time spent posting things on the internet is time spent NOT making art. PPL just spent a good three hours uploading images of recent performances from Berlin during MPA-B onto Facebook. Click here to spend some of your own time on the internet perusing…Now back in the bowels of Brooklyn, last night we got a chance to get good and sweaty with the work of Argentinian composer Ellen C. Covito at Vaudeville Park in a concert produced with No Collective and involving a tremendous dream-team of composers, choreographers, dancers, and musicians all beating themselves silly against walls between composer and performer, structure and improvisation, etc. Before the Covito, HAG, the project of Sean AliDavid Grollman, and Brad Henkel blew out the earwax with balloons manipulated, cymbals ringing as they scraped across drum head, bone-shaking upright bass and deft bone-hole-boring blasts and gasps of trumpet…they began all the rolling around on the score covering the whole floor too. You can and should buy their new album Moist Areas. Good times!

****Next on the Agenda***

Seven Immediacies Series, Vol. 5 – thingNY, PPL, Odeya Nini, Jason Anastasoff

Thursday, May 31, 2012, 7pm
Vaudeville Park (26 Bushwick Ave, L to Grand)

Experimental music ensemble thingNY presents the fifth installment of its Seven Immediacies Series, focused on “the body” in musical performance. Featuring Odeya Nini, Jason Anastasoff’s Full Body Ensemble, and “endless” pieces from the Panoply Performance Laboratory and thingNY’s 2011 opera project TIME: A Complete Explanation in Three Parts.

Click for more info and advance tickets


PPL is back to Spread Art and gearing up alongside fellow resident artists Valerie Kuehne + space proprieters and founders Thomas Bell and Christina DeRoos for BUSHWICK OPEN STUDIOS! HOORAY!

Spread Art Summer Group Show V

As part of Spread Art Summer Group Show V, Spread Art will host performances:
Friday night June 1, from 8pm to 10pm

Saturday, June 2 from 4pm to 10pm

Performance Art, music/sonic art, video, and conflux between these, featuring Elinor Thompson, Esther Neff, Heather Warren Crow, Felix Morelo, Valerie Kuehne, Brian McCorkle, Kanene Holder, Rafael Sanchez, Miles Pflanz, Amy X Neuburg, Jane Gabriels, Diamond Terrifier with Visuals (Trouble).

Schedule of Performances (subject to change)

FRIDAY 8pm-10pm

Remote Control Tomato
Kanene Holder
Heather Warren Crow
Elinor Thompson
Rafael Sanchez
Miles Pflanz

SATURDAY 4pm-10pm

Brian McCorkle and Esther Neff
Rafael Sanchez
Dennis Sullivan and Levy Lorenzo
break, 6pm
Valerie Kuehne
Felix Morelo
Jane Gabriels
Amy X Neuberg
Diamond Terrifier

Performances are curated by Spread Art’s artists-in-residence and include Live Music, Performance Art, Sonic Works, Live Video Streams and more.

You can watch the Live Stream Feed on Spread Art’s U-Stream BOS 2012 Channel (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/spread-art-bos-2012)


Spread Art’s 5th annual “Summer Group Show” will include the works of multiple visual artists working in a variety of mediums and feature the works of Spread Art’s current artists-in-residence,Thomas Bell, Christina deRoos, Valerie Kuehne, Brian McCorkle,and Esther Neff. Also on display will be works by , Ventio, Erin Partridge, Erika Sabel, Panoply Lab, Jorge Rojas, Nicholas, Burgess, Aimee Chappell Hertog, Alix Maubrey, Justin Orvis Steimer, Christian Stolarz, Abigail Weg, Lara Goetzl, Michael Blase, Michael Pawlus and more. Installations, Photography, Painting, Video, Street Art, Drawing, Sculpture, Mixed Media.

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