Zierle & Carter: Spilled Measures Dancing at my Feet

Thanks to Quinn Dukes (stay tuned for documentation of her PERFORMANCY FORUM feat last week as well as those by Gelsey Bell, Nyugen Smith, and Aliza Simons) we are hosting UK-based performance artists Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter this Monday night, January 30th, at 7pm!

Come out to Vaudeville Park, 26 Bushwick Avenue (at Devoe), for performance (Zierle & Carter are joined by Brian McCorkle and familiar volunteers…) “Spilled Measures Dancing at my Feet“!

The announcement:

Spilled Measures Dancing at my Feet

Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter’s collaborative work is interdisciplinary, multi-sensory and site and context responsive spanning from live art/performance art, happenings and interventions, to sound, video and installation. Through their practice, Zierle & Carter critically examine different modes of communication and what it means to be human both as individuals and as a collective entity.


‘Zierle & Carter’s performance ‘Spilled Measures Dancing at My Feet’ was premiered in Poland at Mozg Festival 2011. It involves a series of actions that are inspired by the artists’ on-going enquiry into what love is and what it is not, exploring what actions people take in order to move from a place of ‘non love’ to a place of love.

At Vaudeville Park, the artists will perform a new adaptation. The piece will unfold in an improvised way, responding to the ‘presence’ of the space and audience contributions. Acting as an anchor point throughout the work, the sound of 10,000 pearls spilling to the ground echoes throughout the space.

Zierle & Carter’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including Grace Exhibition Space (US), Exist-ence (Australia), and MOMA (US) and Plymouth Arts Centre (UK) as part of Marina Abramovics Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art and The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow. They are currently in receipt of an Arts Council England grant for their Through the Heart: Works on Love, Life, and Laughter project.

Zierle & Carter will be collaborating with Composer/musician/sound artist Brian McCorkle: http://www.panoplylab.org/brianmccorkle/

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