NATURE FETISH: Evolution of Nature

This image depicts a Kibbo Krift ceremony. We learned of the existence of this via admiration of Olivia Plender. POW! PPL influenced.

THIS WEDENSDAY, we invite you to join us one more time at at the Performance Project @ University Settlement for the FINAL FOCUS WORKSHOP (5 of 5) for NATURE FETISH

We will explore conceptions of “EVOLUTION” as well as any other narratives about nature, natural cycles, natural systems, or “inevtiable natural processes.” Do we know now where we came from? Is the big bang, the chain of life, the “truth”? Did the universe really happen by chance? Improvisation, debate, singing, and red wine!  We will create and perform some scores and situations, to discuss what would be interesting to see, hear, feel, and otherwise experience as part of this opera, and to use this “creative excuse” to get philosophical, personal, and performative. (Notice how hard we work to begin words with the letter ‘p,’ doesn’t that make you want to come pppppplay?)

Hope to see you there!
October 19: Laws and Logic of Nature
October 26: The Wild
November 2: Animalia
November 10: Nature and Consciousness
December 7: The Evolution of Nature!

at the Performance Project @ University Settlement,
184 Eldridge Street
(F/M/J/Z to Delancy, 4/6 to Spring, or B/D to Grand)


Absolutely no experience is necessary! Performers, musicians, directors, artists of all kinds are welcome, but so are dentists, magicians, social workers, house painters, and everyone else.

Come to one workshop or join the production team and perform the final work in April; multiple levels of participation and engagement are possible. We are currently “casting” this opera (always room for more PPL), if you would like to be a part of the next steps of the project as a performer, plastic artist, or other involved party, please email us:

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