Social Practices in 3-D

Recently, I’ve become entrenched in readings and re-readings of The Social Production of Art by Janet Wolff, Continental Philosophy of Social Science by Yvonne Sherratt, and Relational Aesthetics by Nicholas Bourriaud. The black words on white paper really do something to temper that which I’ll temporarily term “reality,” but I don’t know if they’re helping me with social practices as part of actual practice, I mean in terms of “social practices” as an artistic medium.  My only hope now is that physical participation in current events and social interactions will focus the enormity and generality of “social practices” into something less smacking of Wittgenstein/Schatzksi (aaw) and more likely to involve free snacks.

Massimiano Bucchi's continuity model visualizing the co-structuring "cognitive dynamics" between scientific research/production of knowledge and public discourse/production of knowledge

Creative Time’s timely (of course) LIVING AS FORM exhibition, summit, etc, curated by Nato Thompson continues through October 16th, pertinently taking place during Occupy Wall Street (and the Wall Street Occupenial (!), a committee and platform for art actions, performances, etc, as part of the occupation). Documentation of the LIVING AS FORM summit can be found on livestream (if you were confined to your bed due to stomach flu as I was during the Sept. 23rd opening at the Skirball, damn the material body), and the summit’s archive shares documentation of socially engaged practices since 1991.

In terms of additional online resources, alas,  CAN (Community Arts Network) is no more but the Archive can be found as part of Indiana University’s Open Folklore database. Visit the new Social Practices Art Network (SPAN) and project SPNN for reading materials, video,  and links.

My visualization of an idealistic conception for the operation of social practices in art (note in light of responses: this is a "diagram-as-art," and is meant to be "tongue-in-cheek" not an "accurate" illustration/suggestion or anything of that nature, in any sense, in any dimension, in any case.)

If you have your own social practices as art, submit documentation to Emergency INDEX! This book in the grand tradition High Performance magazine and Bourriaud’s own documents sur l’art. Click here to submit online.




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