University Settlement announces residents–save the dates for stage one of NATURE FETISH

Residency announcement HERE!

PPL will be working on NATURE FETISH, an episodic (five part) participatory opera. It will be developed in three phases through The Performance Project @ University Settlement

1.) public workshops/group performance research
2.) rehearsals/production (with workshops of episodes Friday and Saturday, January 28 and 29, 2012 8PM)
3.) interactive public workshop performances (Thursday April 26th – Saturday April 28th, 2012)

You’re invited to stage one:
  a series of five free public workshops lead by PPL composer Brian McCorkle and director/librettist Esther Neff. The project seeks to provide a platform for the expression and description of  “every day deep thought” and its relationship with action and human agency. All participants in the workshops are considered philosophers, scientists, and generative artists with full authority to publicly explore the fundamental questions, “what do we think nature is? How do our conceptions construct nature, and how does nature construct our conceptions?”

October 19:  Law and Logic of Nature
October 26:  The Wild
November 2: Animalia
November 10: Nature and Consciousness
December 7: The Evolution of Nature

Each event runs from 7PM-9PM.
Admission is free.

These five workshops will:

1.) Generate the underlying musical rhythms and themes for each of the opera’s episodes using amateur choir-building methods, live sampling and looping, and pitch improvisation exercises

2.) Sketch spatial diagrams through movement exercises and improvisation with props and in public parks and other “natural” environments

3.) Gather ideas, phrases, statements, and personal opinions through group discussion and theater improvisation games.

Inside overarching questions about “the nature of nature” in their impossibly grand philosophical sense, are five more direct conceptual clusters, which structure the individual workshops and determine which exercises and games we will use. The first workshop will focus on any Laws and Logic of Nature, the second on ideas of wildness, or The Wild, the third will be titled Animalia, the fourth Nature and Consciousness, and the fifth will focus on historic and scientific ideas of nature, entitled Evolution of Nature. Associations with these titles will give us a starting point and allow the workshops to move concretely towards the second stage of the project.

Come to one or come to them all! If you are interested in being part of the project as a whole, the best way to get involved is to attend one of these workshops or e-mail (also, feel free to e-mail if you have any questions)


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