Flux and Unflux: Food for thought

Hey look! Something awesome! The Directors of Grace Space, Erik Hokanson and Jill McDermid, alongside some visiting artists, are holding a weekly class/workshop on Making Fluxus Actions.

All sessions are FREE and EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT  and will continue through November 22, all from 7-9pm. The only requirement is that you bring an object with you. They didn’t say it can’t be food.

Lilia Scheerder, Liquid Courage - Or Am I Really That Transparent? at Grace Exhibition Space in Brooklyn, May, 2011 Visit http://liliascheerder.nl/ for more about Scheerder

Write the artists/curators: “This is a new series being presented by the Directors of the Grace Exhibition Space and visiting artists, to attempt to answer that eternal question, ’What is FLUXUS Performance Art and How Can I Make It?’

It’s a very good question. Here you have George Maciunas’s 1963 manifesto to get you thinking about it before you go!

It seems a lot of artists take Maciunas’s once-radical declarations for granted as general slants to participatory and conceptual/postdramatic performance work.  I know I often do, and this flows into the rest of this Monday morning blog post; remember how I said I would write more about Lush Valley and How Much is Enough after I’d actually seen the work? The latter doesn’t hit St. Anne’s until Nov 3rd, but Matthew and I saw Lush Valley last night. Honestly, I am sorry I said I would write about it. It’s not about simple accommodation or negation, I just don’t understand its intentions at all. It definitely comes out of a completely different worldview than mine, so in that sense it was interesting, and frightening to see how something that calls itself  “participatory theater” is completely…well…basically, it was commercial, dramatic (in Lehmann’s sense) work, and it would be silly and blindly fundamentalist of me try to analyze this piece using theoretical frameworks of the “avant-garde” or socio-politically engaged performance of any kind.  It reminded me of something Žižek  says in this video, something that I usually disagree with but now understand in a different way; that the modes of the left’s mobilization have simply been adopted by the emergent mimetic muscle of capitalism (something like that, those are my words not his)…watch it to hear this idea (and many others) in his more bombastic way…after the miracle whip and white-noodle macaroni salad of Lush Valley,  Žižek is like gorgonzola blinchiki with carmelized onion and truffle chutney. To each, his or her own palate, I am not a critic.

(wave tiny blini flag)



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