Documentation and SWEAT LODGE

Here is the raw documentation from Institute_Institut at the cell this past weekend.

entire show:

a five-minute post-view:



Up on the fifth floor of a building full of antique furniture, potted plants, and ghosts (if Ellen O’Meara says it’s true, then it is true) many have found the plethora of pleasures that Exapno offers up (see Brian’s post below).

PPL is thrilled to be participating in Dave Ruder’s program  there, SWEAT LODGE.

SWEAT LODGE presents–Ashram Couture, an evening of amateur choral music

October 8, 8-11pm

33 Flatbush Ave., 5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY

Invisible Circle Choir

Paul Pinto’sAnyone’s Story”
[if you’re interested in participating, see]

Dave Ruder’s “Choral Piece (May 2007)”

PPL (selections from “Institute_Institut“)

don’t say you haven’t been warned!


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