‘Institute_Institut’ at the cell, Sept 8, 9, 10, 2011



A new performance art opera

PPL’s new opera Institute_Institut is sung text, live music, video, supertitles, and action-based movement.

the cell theatre
338 W. 23rd (F to 23rd)

Thursday, September 8, 8pm
Friday, September 9, 8pm
Saturday, September 10, 8pm

$10 – $25 sliding scale admission

Tickets available here!

All proceeds to benefit the cell

Institute_Institut is the 3rd and final piece in the ‘Transformational Grammar of the Institutional Glorybowl’ trilogy.

As joyous as a baptism, as formally convoluted as a psychiatric exam, and as frightening as kindergarten, Institute_Institut attempts to express a convergence of subjectivities, a multiplicity of sensual experiences, and to perform a participatory sandwich-making ritual using the dry bread of deep thought and the soft cheese of deep emotion.

The all new music by composer Brian McCorkle is as influenced by Detroit funk as it is by classical opera and the new documentary libretto by Esther Neff combines research from interviews and a series of “Focus Workshops” with academic and philosophical texts, surveys, academic theory in psychology, political science, and performance. Manipulating found props and pitch-shifted microphones, and the 13 performers play clown-like causations of institutional engagements, express emotional currents, and embody interlocking ideas and emotions, ultimately seeking themselves.


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