Just as Lorene Bouboushian bent down to drop the first crumb from the loaves of bread she cradled in her arms, lighting, thunder, then downpour on Industry City, where SUPERFRONT is holding their Public Summer. It’s been a rainy season for the project, but make sure to catch the closing event on August 28, especially if you’ve never been to Sunset Park or Industry City, it’s pretty “aweome;” alley/loading docks, massive warehouses, all crumbling/peeling/looming over loading docks and chat-gravel alleys littered with an outsider-artist’s materials wet dream, bleached cow vertebras, toothbrush handles, lengths of copper pipe, and so on.

Inside one of the loading dock areas, we heard Jason Anastasoff’s virtuosic solo upright bass, followed Lorene as she continued performance of the durational piece Starched Spiral (a collab with Lindsey Drury), and heard Natasha Missick, Andrew Whipple, Michael Newton, Brian McCorkle, and Adrian Owen performing an excerpt of Institute_Institut (video of Adrian singing the GODBRAIN aria HERE), and after this PERFORMANCY FORUM XV we saw the video meant to be projected on the huge portal, appropriately entitled Portaali, that Gia Wolff (in collaboration with Ethan Eunson-Conn) had installed over the entrance to the alley.

thanks for having us Mitch et all!

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