Invitation to SITE: Surreal Estate

Arts in Bushwick’s SITE Fest hits Surreal Estate, 15 Thames
on the 1st anniversary of the PERFORMANCY FORUM!!!

Saturday, March 5, 7pm-1am
Sunday, March 6, open SITE, 2pm-6pm

Work by:

Alejandro Acierto (installation with performance on Saturday night)
Gelsey Bell (performing from her solo song cycle “Bathroom Songs”)
Hector Canongee (performs ‘Ocular-Trance-Ocular’ with Maria Fernanda Hubeaut)
Ivy Castellanos (installation with performance on Saturday night)
Brian McCorkle (music/performance)
Esther Neff (YOU)
Paul Pinto (experimental music)
Brian Rady (theater/performance)
Matthew Stephen Smith (theater, excerpt from an upcoming one-man show)
Meghann Snow (performance art)

This past year has been incredibly stimulating for PPL and for Surreal Estate artists, thanks in large part to the influx of new collaborators and the work of artists participating in the PERFORMANCY FORUMS. Hector Canonge performed at the very first PF, opening the door on a whole host of exhibitions, conversations, and collaborations with other powerful artists; as a curator, organizer, and friend, Hector empowers everyone with whom he comes into contact.

Additionally, at least half of the artists in this exhibition collaborate with one another as experimental music ensemble thingNY, with whom PPL is currently collaborating on this piece for May, 2011. Click HERE to watch thingNY performing one of the pieces of SPAM 2.0, the awesome show they just did at LPAC.

Others in this exhibition are collaborators as old as the hills (9 years!) and some are newer collaborators and influences, as the old rhyme goes, precious metals and whatnot….heck, there is nothing like gratitude for people you respect to cut through the depressing weather of March!


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