Chin Chih Yang’s ‘Protection’ during BETA Spaces (+ hunting down collectives)

Last Sunday Surreal Estate participated in BETA Spaces, (Bushwick Exhibition Triangle of Alternative Spaces). In addition to works by Lucy Valkyrie, Carrie Mae Rose, and Samwell Freeman, Chin Chih Yang performed his ‘Protection’ starting at 5pm. What follows is a ten-minute video of a 2.5 hour performance!

During the festival (which was very satisfying in terms of the work itself, and very well attended ) I kept my eye out for PPL-cousin collaboratives/collectives such as Inbred Hybrid Collective showing work at 49 Bogart as part of an exhibition entitled Mythologized, SKOTE at Fortress To Solitude, DataLore at Chez Bushwick, and of course the project The International Society for the Promotion and Recognition of the Collaborative ART GANG BANG , a kind of “flash collective” -slash- exquisite corpse project…Bushwick! O Bushwick…


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