BETA Spaces Exhibition and Performance

Bushwick is the place to be this weekend (and every weekend of course!) as Arts in Bushwick in collaboration with the area’s spaces and artists presents BETA Spaces (Bushwick Exhibition Triangle of Alternative Spaces), a free one-day festival of conceptualized and thematic group exhibitions this Sunday November 14th, including Surreal Estate, from 1-8pm.

Please come out to see us at FOUND:free materials and post-consumer art. The exhibition explores the conflux between recent trends towards the environmentally sustainable practice of using found and recycled materials and the post-consumption-based philosophies of performance art.

Be sure to time your visit to see Chin Chih Yang‘s interactive performance ‘PROTECTION’ starting at 5pm! This piece involves some very real barbed wire…

Visual art in the exhibition features installation and sculpture by Carrie Mae Rose, including her beautifully tense pieces assembled from scissors confiscated in airports, agave leaves, and gold-leafed twigs, Samwell Freeman‘s touch-sensitive sculptures made from plastic forks and the guts of tiny electronic devices, and an installation by printmaker for the revolution Lucy Valkury, as well as a video work by PPL.

Come by for the art as well as some piping hot tea!

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  1. artistatexit0 said:

    I enjoyed checking out your links. Good luck in all your projects.

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