The Internet (Everywhere Theater Group)

This is not a review (that would be even more pretentious of PPL than usual, plus there are already reviews to be found by appropriately “googling”), but I would like to note four of the elements that were interesting in last night’s show, The Internet , Everywhere Theater Group’s new work at St. Mark’s Church as part of the Incubator Arts Project‘s lineup, in terms of more general questions about where theater is “going.”

1.) exploration of an element of human experience (interaction with the internet, especially through the lens of romantic relationships) using structural devices combined with subjective emotional expression from characters (which may or may not be the actors themselves).
2.) physical expressions of concepts: i.e. “poking” on Facebook literalized by two actors poking each other
3.) multiple focus points
4.) a kind of “zoom out” and “zoom in” cycle, with multiple foci and musical number-type sequences contracting into narratives involving more or less naturalistic sequences of dialogue or single performer solo dances, monologues, or smaller experiences in the world of the piece.

In this piece, these elements are combined with traditional contemporary sound design, space and time delineation, characters/acting style, and tone/emotional events. This is a nice analogy for the internet itself: structurally part of a new period with new inquiries/problems, while emotionally and psychologically aligned with mainstream culture as we perceive ourselves in it.

It’s still playing tonight and tomorrow, tickets HERE, get thee to the theatah!


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