Everywhere Theatre Group’s THE INTERNET and Feminism is so hot right now

I hear through the Facebook grapevine that Young Jean Lee‘s next piece is about The Feminism. Well, as long as it’s not an opera, I am glad that this topic is being explored and I look forward to it!

THE INTERNET by Everywhere Theatre Group is also coming up, the idea also excites me. I’ve never seen anything by Everywhere Theatre Group, but we are the same age so I am really hoping to love it.

Here’s what they say:

THE INTERNET will premiere at the Incubator Arts Project in New York on August 12-22nd. This is the first show we have created where video and dance take on lead roles in development in an attempt to stage the world-wide-web, fusing dance, movement, video , music, original and found texts. Along with a large cast comprised of 20 dancers and 6 actors, ETG will examine what lies beneath the cool, sleek, surface of the information super highway by asking what propels us into the shadowy underworld of the world wide web where we desire to objectify bodies and see people fail and aim to find the root of human connection at its newest form. By incorporating vibrant visuals and an auditory circus comprised of musically staged interpretations of various websites and electronic transactions/interactions, we aim is to fully immerse the audience in a completely sensory world where playful and horrifying explosions of light, color, sound, and movement engages like dancing, flickering websites come to life while navigating through the blurry, teetering lines between romance, objectification, tenderness and uncensored cruelty.


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