Michael Hanf, Paul Pinto, and Jason Anastasoff

Although PPL’s current project (through August 1 at Surreal Estate) is about Feminism and is largely features women, three male collaborators provide the instrumental interpretation of the score. This is the result of the abrubt departure of previous female musical collaborators from New York City. We are, however, VERY pleased to have three male musicians who are experimental artists working across many mediums, genres, and types of work.

Paul Pinto is a composer, conductor, and performed who was in last year’s opera as a vocalist and in the PERFORMANCY FORUM (video of his second performance along with Gelsey Bell and Andrew Livingston) twice. Paul is better known as the curator of the Comformer Perposers series at University of the Streets, and the artistic director of experimental music ensemble ThingNY. PPL especially enjoyed ThingNY’s theatrical chamber opera this year, ADDDDDDDDD, which toured as a hybrid work accompanied by a comic book libretto available to audiences. In spring of 2011, ThingNY and PPL will present a collaborativelly created piece, the nature of which is still under much discussion, and soon will require “experimenting” to deduce.

Michael Hanf has been playing with Panoply for 2 years, starting with our last opera, On the Cranial Nerves of Barbarians. He is a composer and accomplished jazz vibraphonist as a soloist and with Lindsay Holler and the Dirty Kids, this guy mentions the joy of finding an old Lindsay Holler and the Dirty Kids album in the public library (you can buy some tracks here). He continues to astound people with his vibraphone playing in Hess is More, most recently seen at Celebrate Brooklyn with Kid Koala and touring Denmark this August (article on Mikkel Hess here). He is releasing his solo music and is currently playing in pseudo-No Wave band Parasite Singles with composer Brian McCorkle and Manzana Carnal with Brian, Katie Johnston of Panoply and Puppetbox, and Jason Anastastoff.

Jason Anastasoff is a composer, bassist and tuba player who studied Jazz Performance at SUNY Purchase. He has gigged in and around New York City and attends shows regularly, he has performed with the Mona Dahls, Djangos and Tangos, and several avant-classical and downtown jazz ensembles. He is currently working on an experimental drum and bass project, the Giglioramonamocon: A Drum & Bass Extravaganza, and graphic scores based on the idea of labryinths. He is also a graduate of the Swedish Institute in massage therapy. Some of his music can be heard here. Below is Panoply’s favorite picture of Jason.

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