An anagram for “Joseph Keckler” is “Cop, he jerks elk”

Despite recent South America illness (I highly recommend a superficial inquiry into immunology the next time you have a moment, the adaptive immune system, which is found only in vertebrates with jaws, is a pretty entertaining complex system) Joseph Keckler came over to Surreal Estate yesterday to shoot some video for PPL’s upcoming opera. Not only are we extremely grateful to the man for spending a solid chunk of his valuable weekend hours in the heat singing what Brian wrote while vacationing on a Delaney planet, (remember that disappointing Jay Scheib piece at The Kitchen, Bellona: Destroyer of Cities? Should have done Nova) and letting me put florist’s wire and white roses around him, we are also looking forward to his E.P. release at Joe’s Pub NOT on the date listed currently, but rather on Thursday, September 9th, at 9:30pm. Joseph is everything the reviews you’ll find if you google him say he is, in addition to being the kind of artist that other people pretend to be: thoughtful, highly developed in terms of craft and practice, truly professional, and entertaining for god’s sake.

In addition, thank you to Jessica Bathurst, Loren Barnese, and Kate Garfield for cheerfully (look how cheerful!)

tramping through Inwood Hill Park, brushing aside mosquitoes, wearing men’s clothing, and avoiding poison ivy, and for director Alex Bisker for being our intrepid local guide. HUMAN BEINGS ARE WONDERFUL ORGANISMS despite their occasional surrender to water-born pathogens. I hope it’s worth it on all fronts!


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