Queens, Hector Canonge, and Donald Judd

Is it true (psychogeographically) that art made in Queens tends to be from the Donald Judd school? Not “minimalist” per se (Judd of course hating this term) but rather influenced by constant construction-cone orange, 1960’s flat turquoise, stainless steel, and-eluviation-layer-soil terra cotta?

Not to mention now, the overwhelming aesthetic of the Citi behemoth? Perhaps it is the lack of compositional hierarchy that can be applied (as a huge generality) to art made in Queens now, an interest not only in breaking down hierarchical structures in terms of (aesthetically, theoretically) plane and color, but also socially, in terms of the economy of the art world, amongst artists, funders, curators, and spaces, established and emerging artists, and white, heterosexual, male artists vs. immigrants, women, queer artists, etc.

Hector Canonge is rapidly becoming a crucial part of a democratized, de-hierarchized arts community. Although an artist first (new media, performance, digital arts, and more) Hector also organizes/curates shows, doing the legwork to gather artists and their work together, and co-directing QMAD with architect Gonzalo Casals.

QMAD’s current exhibition opens tonight, June 16, at 6pm and closes July, 1, 2010. BABEL includes work by Gema Alava, Nobutaka Aozaki, Javier Arau, Aileen Bassis, Susan Breitsch, James Chen-Feng Kao, Felipe Galindo, Iliana Emilia Garcia, Janet Goldner, Jennifer Grimyser, Jia-Yi He, Linda Herrit, Paolo Javier, Jihay Kang, Larry Litt & Nicolas Lee, Carla Lobmier, Norma Markley, Derick Melander, Rahul Mitra, Veru Narula, Ann Oren & Zevan Rosser, Renzo Ortega, Panoply Performance Laboratory (Esther Neff, Brian McCorkle, Matthew Stephen Smith), Cristian Pietrapiana, Jenny Polak, Michael Pribich, Elisa Pritzker, Svetlana Rabey, Daniel Rossi, Joseph Gerard Sabatino, Nivedita Shivraj, Priscilla P. Stadler, Anna-Maria Vag, Deborah Wasserman, Andrew Wilkinson, Tammy Wofsey.

Directions: Space 37, 86-08 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY 11372.
* Queens bound #7 Train. Exit at 82 Street and Roosevelt Avenue. Walk on 82 St. to 37 Ave. Turn right on 37 Ave. to 86 Street.

Click Here to link to the video that PPL is showing in this exhibition.


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