Bushwick Open Studios–who says the “Golden Age” of Bushwick is over? It’s just beginning!

It’s year three for Arts in Bushwick, an all-volunteer organization, generation Y is better at organizing than everyone expected. Bushwick Open Studios starts tomorrow (Friday, June 4) and promises a lot of free beer and lots of art that looks like Chitra Ganesh and Basquiat collaborated on a design for a mass-producable skateboard.

Surreal Estate is a part of the Open Studios this year, crossing the line between all-out freegan, DIY, underground, outsider art and the industrialized art world. Should I invite the people I work with at The New York Foundation for the Arts?

On Friday night at least, I am excited to invite people to the third PERFORMANCY FORUM, for which we have a great line-up of artists, primarily music and sound artists. This will take place beginning at 8pm at Surreal Estate, in our newly renovated (well, in-progress) performance space.

Stop by! Surreal Estate is at 15 Thames, between Morgan and Bogart, in Bushwick. If we build it, will you come?

Here’s Matt’s friend Mark helping to de-‘alice in wonderland’ the performance space:


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