Salons, salons, salons!

Thank you to Live Arts Collaboration and The Performance Project @ University Settlement for hosting us Monday night!

PPL got to break the ice with an audience on Monday night during a Salon evening where we performed the first 15 minutes of ‘The Last Dreams of Helene Weigel or How to Get Rid of The Feminism Once and For All’ alongside performances by ThingNY Artistic Director (and PPL Collaborator!) Paul Pinto and Latasha N. Nevada Diggs among others.

Afterwards, Matthew Lyons (the Kitchen) led us in a talkback session.

This salon, done in the beautiful wood-floored room at University Settlement on 184 Eldridge in the East Village, had a decidedly Modern, formal flavor, while the PERFORMANCY FORUM we held on Friday, May 7, was punctuated by Dr. Motorcycle, the black and white cat, pawing at moving images on the projector screen, and included a lot of informal conversation and laughter.
PPL is especially delighted to get to know the PERFORMANCY FORUM participants:

The SK Orchestra
John Mellilo
Gratuitous Art Films
Genevieve White
Audrey Blackburn
Tom Swirly
Orly Bendavid and Ari Swan

Hector Canonge
and films by Marguerite Chandler (one of which was banned at the Archive)



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